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For over 27 years, Taichung Precision Steel Mold is always a professional custom plastic injection molds maker and injection molder for a variety of industries including automotive, optical, electronics, consumer products, and several other industries.
We are known as one of the best manufacturers in the middle of Taiwan .

At present
, we have established a factory in Mainland China .
It is at Dong-Guan city in Southern China. We offer a total solution to customer requirements, so our customers can always trust us.

What We Do:

A. Plastic Injection Mold Design and Manufacturing ( Taiwan or China )
1. Computer Accessories Molds
2. Optical Lens Barrel & Holder Molds
3. Consumer Products Molds
4. Automobile Plastic Parts Molds
5. Notebook Computer Keyboard Design and Manufacturing
6. Double Density Injection Molds
B. Plastic parts Manufacturing (Taiwan or China)
1. Injection Machine Capacity: 25Tons~250Tons
2. Equipped with Robot Arm for Rapid Production
3. Painting & Printing Process Service
4. Parts Reliability Test Service
5. Product Assembly Service
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Chang Hua City, Taiwan R.O.C.