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In order to ensure the quality and shorten the deliver time for mold manufacturing,
our experienced designing team always keeps up with an exact designing before mold making.
Team members are managed by well-organized system,companied with the most up-to-date software.
Every engineer has the attitude towards "Getting it right at the first time and
delivery as promised" to establish a good partnership with our clients.

The primary missions of R&D are as below:
1. Product and mold structure analysis.
2. Tooling time shortening by professional design.
3. Providing precise mold design prior to manufacturing.

Based on our main principle for "Quality First", customer
satisfaction has become our first and primary goal.
R&D also team places great emphasis on the whole package of technology support.

We offer not only molds, but also the comprehensive service for molding technology
covering product structure analysis,optimum molding conditions, welding line,
product shrinking prediction, material filling, and etc.
These are critical factors to succeed, and come up with a perfect injection part.
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